3D Hologram LED Display is a kind of display machine that uses the persistence of vision(POV) technology. A belt of composed of high-density LED lights spins at high speed, and convert the video or picture you need into a dot matrix through software, and then rotate all the dots into a visual image,making the image vivid and tridimensional. It is one of the most cost-effective display solutions to create a holographic illusion. 

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Although the 3D holographic LED fan is similar to the fan, it does not produce wind. His core principle is to image, video, or picture materials through the rotation of the luminescent LED lamp, decomposed into a realistic lattice by software processing, and then turn the dot matrix into visible video and pictures through the rotation of the LED. Generally speaking, people prefer to see his 3D effect in the air. Similar to holographic imaging, more people would prefer to call this product a 3D holographic LED fan.


  • High resolution 3D visuals

  • Mains powered

  • Plug it in and enjoy the holograms

  • Floating in the air effect

  • Convenient content creation

  • Devices controlled remotely 


Imagine a line of LEDs which spins to create images and videos with 3D effect. 

It is our newly developed holographic display, being designed to lead visualization advertising for small-medium-size brand and retail stores. 

This display ideally solves the constraints of giant LED advertising, which requires dedicated mounting space, time-consuming installation and complicated controlling set-ups.

Our holographic display can be mounted in a fan-alike space, or put it on the counter. It is a plug and play display.

It allows business owners making rapid updates directed at specific audience. With its stunning 3D effect visuals, it grabs audience’s attention, refreshes their eyes and minds, and enhances customers engaging in the experience. This advertising LED display enables building loyalty near the point of sale and has huge positive impact on purchasing behavior.

Download ENG-AD56 Family Products Specification

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